A New Governance Structure for Drugs and Alcohol Policy in Victoria.

Preamble: In 2018 Increasing public awareness of the limitations of existing approaches to alcohol and drugs policy prompted a wholesale re-examination of all laws and regulations relating to drug law by the Victorian Parliament. The Inquiry into Drug Law Reform conducted by the Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee of the Victorian Parliament lastContinue reading “A New Governance Structure for Drugs and Alcohol Policy in Victoria.”

Repeal of Public Drunkenness Laws

Preamble: Victoria is one of only two states within Australia that has failed to repeal archaic public drunkenness laws. The repeal of public drunkenness laws represented a key recommendation of the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody undertaken by the Hawke Labor Government between 1987 and 1991[1]. With the practical operation of theseContinue reading “Repeal of Public Drunkenness Laws”