Local Branches

Want to continue the conversation at your branch? Reach out and we’ll help formulate a motion with you to take to your branch. Whether you’re passionate about pill testing, vaping, more support for the North Richmond Medically Supervised Injecting Room, funding for ‘Crystal Clear’ type methamphetamine programs or repealing public drunkenness laws in Victoria – we’ll be right there with you and are readily available to come out to your branch to start the conversation.

Our current branch motion is about pill-testing. Want to take the motion to your branch? Reach out today! Live in another state? We’ll set up a zoom or skype call to walk you through the process.

The following branches have passed motion’s in favor of pill testing:

  1. Prahran 
  2. Brunswick 
  3. St Kilda
  4. Melbourne 
  5. Niddrie
  6. Glen Iris
  7. Lilydale
  8. Brighton
  9. Manningham
  10. Carnegie
  11. Canterbury 
  12. Kew

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